Heights Youth Club

Our Programs:

Children can participate in fun and safe programs that focus on five key areas:

Summer Sample Schedule

Times Departments Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:00-1:30 All Depts AM annoucements AM announcements AM announcements AM announcements AM announcements
Art Room          
Comm Room          
All Depts Lunch  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 
Comp Room Reflection Activity  Character and Leadership  Character and Leadership  Internet Safety  Character and Leadership 
Teen Floor Keystone Club  Socail Recreation  MOST Program  Junior Achievement Teens Choice 
3:30-4:00 Game Room Game Tournament  Character Development  Game Tournament Instructors Choice  Kids Choice 
4:00-4:30 Gym Triple Pay  Triple Play  Triple Play  Swimming  Triple Play 
Art Room Arts and Culture  Arts and Culture Arts and Culture Arts and Culture  Arts and Culture 
Comm Room As Needed  Martial Arts As Needed  Martial Arts  As Needed 
4:30-5:00pm All Depts Clean-Up / CLOSE Clean-Up / CLOSE Clean-Up / CLOSE Clean-Up / CLOSE Clean-Up / CLOSE

School Year Sample Schedule

Times Departments Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3:00-4:00pm All Depts Project Learn/HW Project Learn/HW Project Learn/HW Project Learn/HW  Project Learn/HW 
4:00-5:00 Comp Room Power Hour  Power Hour  Power Hour  Power Hour  Power Hour 
Teen Floor Job Prep and Life Skills  Teen Enterprise  Character and Leadership  Smart Girls  Atonement Activities 
Game Rooom Skill Building  Torch Club  Kida College  Character Building Activity  Interactive Games 
Gym  Boys Basketball  Girls Basketball Boys Basketball  Girls Basketball  Get Fit 
SPARK Math Challenge  Lit Kit  Board Game Challenge  Lit Kit  Reading Challenge 
Art Room  Drawing and Painting  Cooking  Sculpture  Sewing Capri Suns  Movie Day 
Comm Room As Available  As Available  Karate w/ Mr Jones  Karate w/ Mr. Jones  As Available 
5:00-5:30pm All Depts Dinner  Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
5:30-6:30 Comp Room  Math Mania  Team Buildig  Science Wonders  Writing Activity  Popcorn and a Movie 
Teen Floor Keystone Club  Money Matters  Yoga  Teen Mentoring  Character Building 
Game Rooom Interactive Games  Organized Pool Tournament  Team Building Activity  Organized Ping Tournament  Interactvie Games 
SPARK Reading Challenge  Math Board Games  Word challenges  As Available  Movie Day 
Gym  Get Fit Get Fit  Basketball tournament  Get Fit  Get Fit
Art Room  Sculpture  Mural Painting w/Ms Kathy  American Girl Art  Sewing  Drawing 
6:30-7:00pm Comm Room  As Available  Choir  As Available  As Available  As Available